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Welcome to NCARCA
We, The North Carolina Animal and Rabies Control Association, Inc. , exist to improve, promote, professionalize, and publicize animal control while promoting justice and equity in the enforcement of animal control laws. We will advance the health, morale, welfare, training, and knowledge of animal control officers while providing communications and education for animal control organizations. We nurture the public trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics.
To fulfill our mission, the NCARCA is dedicated to providing a quality work environment and the development of it's members through effective training and leadership.           E-mail

    Active membership is open to all Animal Control personnel employed by a government entity, humane society employed personnel who are directly involved in the operation of an animal shelter,and animal cruelty officers who have completed the North Carolina training mandate and have been appointed by and are serving a government entity.

    Associate membership is open to individuals, quasi-public organizations, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and others having a professional interest in Animal and Rabies control. Honorary memberships are granted by the Board of Directors for recognition of outstanding service to the Animal and Rabies Control field. Membership will entitle your organization to the NCARCA Newsletter, NACA News Magazine, conference information for both North Carolina National, plus workshops held all over the state, as well as important material pertaining to animal and rabies control.

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40th Annual NCARCA Conference Info is now Available!!!!!!! (Updated 5-22-15)


NCARCA Conference Agenda Now Available!!!!!! (Updated on 8-19-15)


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